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Virtual support services tailored for small businesses and sole traders seeking reliable assistance on an adhoc or regular basis, at a reasonable cost -  

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Whatever your business needs I am confident I can offer you support whilst you focus on running your business. No request is too small, or indeed too large, simply get in touch to discuss and I look forward to forging a mutually beneficial working relationship with you.

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Virtual PA, Secretary, Assistant Windsor, Berkshire, UK  |  Small Business Virtual Admin Support | Windsor UK |  Small Business Support Services Berkshire | PA, Secretarial | Fellow of the Institute of Paralegals | Researcher

Based in Berkshire, UK, I have been working in administration for over 30 years in various roles including:

- Personal Assistant

- Administrator

- Receptionist

- Desktop publisher

- Web design

- Compliance

- Procedures & systems implementation – manual & electronically

- Event organising

- Procurement and tendering

- Open Source Researcher

This, together with secretarial qualifications, has allowed me to amass a wide variety of skills and knowledge, which I have brought together in order to offer my unique services to other small business owners.

Having worked within  industries such as Legal services, Education, Local and Central Government, Architecture, Sports Associations, and with small business owners in fields ranging from Accountancy to Rubbish Clearance, I have a breadth of experience enabling me to assess and fulfil differing business requirements.

Furthermore I am experienced in open source research, with links to long established professionals in the legal services field.  I am also a member of the Association of Crime and Intelligence Analysts (ACIA)